Buccaneers were privateers who attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean sea during the late 17th Century.  The term buccaneer is now generally used as a synonym for pirate.  Originally, buccaneer is
derived from the French word "boucanier", which loosely translates as "someone who smokes meat" and which in turn comes from the native American "bukan".  The Caribbean
Arawak used this word,
"bukan" or "buccan" to describe a sort of grill which they smoked meat on, preferably Manatee.  It was a wooden framed device was also used by French hunters to smoke meat like feral (wild) cattle and
pigs-  they were called "boucanier".  
In the first quarter of the 1600s, some Frenchmen who were driven away from the island of Hispaniola fled to nearby Tortuga. The Spaniards tried to drive them out of Tortuga, but the buccaneers were
joined by many other French, Dutch and English and turned to piracy against Spanish shipping, generally using small craft to attack galleons (sailing ships) in the Caribbean.  They would often attack at
night, and climb aboard before the alarm could be raised.  Buccaneers were expert marksmen and would quickly kill the helmsman and any officers aboard.  Buccaneers' reputation as cruel pirates grew
until most victims would surrender, hoping they would not be killed.  Finally they became so strong that they even sailed to the mainland of Spanish America and attacked cities.  
English settlers occupying Jamaica began to spread the name buccaneers and associated it with the meaning of pirates.  Viewed from London, buccaneering was a low-budget way to wage war on
England's rival, Spain. So, the English crown empowered buccaneers with letters of marque, legalizing their operations in return for a share of their profits.  The buccaneers were invited by Jamaica's
Governor Thomas Modyford to base ships at Port Royal, located on Palisadoes on the south of Jamaca. The buccaneers robbed Spanish shipping and colonies, and returned to Port Royal with their
plunder, making the city the most prosperous in the Caribbean.  There were even English navy officers sent to lead the buccaneers, such as Christopher Myngs.  Their activities went on irrespective of
whether England happened to be at war with Spain or France.
Although we don't conduct privateering operations, we do like taking
small craft and harassing  scaley marine life and local waterways (so to speak).    Puns and joking aside, we are strong supporters of
conservation and maritime courtesy.  We hope you enjoy our website and may have learned something in the process.                                                                                                              Mike
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This map not only includes boat launches, but also good
kayak / canoe parks, beach access points, some bait
and tackle shops, and a few stores which sell marine
grade fuels.
This is an interactive map, and a work in progress.  Please contact
me at mike@badonskybuccaneers.com with any comments, or
concerning any discrepancies.

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If you're in the Orange Beach area looking for
tackle or just some fishing tips, be sure to stop by

27122 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL
and see Chris!!
Please note! Some of our  features may not be viewable on portable platforms (IPad, notebooks, etc)
We are a Christian couple who enjoys our family and the outdoors (anything on the
water) very much.
This is a reminder about the
change to the "No Wake" zones
in the Orange Beach, AL, area.
Earlier in June of 2015, the area
in Cotton Bayou near Zekes
Marina was changed to No
Wake / Idle Speed.  Now,
almost a year ago now,  
December 2015, the last stretch
of waterway from Jubilee
Landing to the Florida state line
on Old River has been included
as a No Wake / Idle Speed
Zone.  So, now ALL of Old River
in Alabama waters to the state
line is NO WAKE.
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Changes to the Alabama
State Waters May 3, 2017
Alabama Anglers! An important announcement,
and just confirmed- the temporary legislation to
extended Alabama State waters to 9 Miles was
just made permanent!  The state has been
working on provisions to permanently extend the
state waters to 9 miles for a couple years now,
and thanks to the tireless efforts by our
representatives it has finally come to pass!  I
wanted to give Rep Bradley Byrne and Senator
Richard Shelby's Offices a big thank you for all
of their efforts in this endeavor!  
For more information,
Also, in speaking with our local Alabama
Conservation Office- I was reminded how
important it is for all anglers to report their Red
Snapper catch landed / brought into any
Alabama marina or port for the purpose of
providing more reliable numbers for NOAA and
GCFC than what they currently have.  This can
be done on the Outdoor Alabama website, or  
on your smartphone, available on the Pocket
Ranger app for IOS and Android.
Over a million dollars in new public reef deployments are
being planned for the next several months. This  includes
new "near shore" snorkel reefs off of Gulf Shores as well as
new pyramid fishing reefs off of Baldwin AND Mobile
counties in the near future.  This will also include a new ship
deployment, the New Venture (
photo right), 20 miles south of
Orange Beach!  Stay up to date on all the new artificial reef
deployments and "enrichment" projects. Files are updated
as public reefs are completed. Offshore and near shore reef
coordinates can be found at:
Go to the website, Right click the files and select "SAVE" to properly download them,
then transfer them to your SD card or other transferable media.
A little video postcard from our area, Orange Beach, Alabama.
Helpful Quick Links!
Our July 22, 2017 video fishing Report!
Including an Interview with ReefMakers, David Walter!
It's Hurricane Season! Are You Ready?
The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season Started June 1. Have
you prepared for this year's storm season?  If not, now is
the time.  We want to help, so we have added this NHC
Hurricane Advisory Widget to our website.  Like other
information here, we hope you find it useful.
Covering the Alabama Gulf Coast from Ft
Morgan to Perdido Key! Click on the OBAVR
logo above, or go to www.obavr.com
Live Webcam from Turquoise Place, Orange Beach, Alabama
What do you know about the history of Orange Beach?
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the Alabama Snapper
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It's Our Responsibility, And It's The Law!
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The Alabama Department of Conservation & Marine Resources is
Constantly Adding to and Improving Our Offshore Reef System !
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Alabama Fishing License Yet?
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Recreational Licenses
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Several of you have asked "Hey Mike, where can I get
some Live Bait?  Well, there are 3 places on the island
that regularly sell live bait.  But be sure to call ahead,
because availability might vary. These bait and tackle
shops are also on our interactive map (above).
- J&M Tackle, 25150 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL
    (251) 981-5460, typically open 5AM- 5PM
      Large variety of live and frozen baits

- Top Gun Tackle, 25405 Perdido Beach Blvd,
      Orange Beach, AL, (251) 981-3811
      Open 7:00AM- 5:00PM 7 days a week.
- Hooked Up Bait & Tackle, 100 E 20th Street,
      Gulf Shores, AL (251) 955-5550
      Open 6:00AM- 7:00PM 7 days a week
We Wanted to Share A Few of the local
Restaurants and Businesses that we have found
here in Coastal Alabama feel to be of good quality
place you might like to check out!
Check back in a couple weeks to see what other business we are featuring!
The all new "Salt" at San Roc Cay is a
NEW restaurant opened by feature Chef
Chris Sherrill, formerly of the FloraBama
Yacht Club.  He and Chef Landon
Benton have been working on a variety
of menu options- among them have
been Calamari, filet mignon, lobster and
ribeye, etc
Located in the old Café Grazie at
San Roc Cay, in the back by the
marina, it has a slightly elegant
atmosphere, but casual attire is
not frowned upon.  
The price of your meal may be on
the higher end of our scale- but
it promises not to disappoint!
If you get a chance, we
encourage you to check it out!
Open most days for both lunch
and dinner.
Results of the Gulf of Mexico
Fishery Management Council
On Oct 06, 2017, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery
Management Council released decisions and
findings on the meetings held last week in
oloxi, MS.
You can read this release at the following link:
The council welcomed new member Phil
Dyskow (FL) and returning member Dr Bob
Shipp (AL). Also, Dr Greg Stunz (TX) is on for
another 3 year term, and the council re-elected
Leann Bosarge as Chair and Johnny Green as
vice chair for the next year.
Among the items discussed was the South East
Data Assessment (SEDAR) and the council          
wants to investigate alternative procedures to    
the current process of stock assessment.             
Also discussed was Amendment 13 on spiny lobster federal regulations on
bully netting.
A public hearing draft,
Amendment 9, was presented which proposes  
preservation of 15 areas in the Gulf of Mexico known to have unique coral
habitat- restricting certain activities.
There was also discussion on
Amendment 49, modification of sea turtle
release gear and protocol.
The council discussed ways to encourage anglers to use venting tools or
descending devices when releasing deep-water reef fishes.
They also discussed revising the Greater Amberjack season for 2018 since
they have determined the species continues to be overfished. So they
decided on a fixed recreational closed season from January 1 through April
30, June 01 through July 31, and November 1 through December 31. But the
next recreational season won't open until August 2018. Confusing!?  This
amendment is being sent to the Secretary of Commerce for approval.
There was a review of
Amendment 14, on the Federal Charter For-Hire and
allocation based management for federally permitted charter vessels.
They reviewed a draft of Amendment 42 regarding reef fish management for
headboat survey vessels- requiring participants to have LHV endorsement.
And they reviewed a serise of draft amendments enabling the Gulf States to manage the Red Snapper
fishery out to 200 nautical miles- but nothing is being finalized at this time.