Cedar Point Pier Facility Scheduled to Re-Open Soon

April 4, 2022

Cedar Point Pier and Bait & Tackle Shop, at 18250 Dauphin Island Pkwy, has been owned by the McRae family since 1986. However, on December 15, 2021, they sold it to the Mobile County Commission for the whopping amount of $2.25 million.

The original Cedar Point Fishing Pier was built in the 1950s. Prior to the McRae's ownership, it was destroyed by hurricane Fredric in 1979. Roland McRae rebuilt the pier from nothing, there were just a few pilings left where the original pier stood before it was destroyed by the hurricane. Later in the 1990's it rose in popularity and lured families and tourists alike. Part of the attraction is that Alabama residents did not need to purchase a state fishing license to fish off the pier. A practice that is said to be continued under the new ownership.

The family owned fishing pier has been described as a “welcome mat” to Dauphin Island- and many locals took advantage of what it had to offer. Frequent visitors to the pier, like Clifton Davis would make some impressive catches from there.

Soon it will re-open as a Mobile County Park in spring 2022.

“I want to assure the public we have good intent with this acquisition, and I want to make sure it’s here forever and it’s affordable for the community,” Commissioner Randall Dueitt said.

The family would typically close the pier for winter, from December through February. So Mobile County is using the closure time for upgrades and to establish operations. Cedar Point Pier will reopen as a Mobile County Park about mid-April 2022.

The county’s purchase is an end of an era at the Cedar Point Fishing Pier, but many are praying the county can "carry on the torch" lit by Roland McRae and his family.