Repairs to the popular Alabama Point Park on the west side of perdido Pass, Orange Beach, ALabama, are in the planning stages right now!

December 29, 2021

In speaking with the city of Orange Beach Coastal Resources office, we have confirmed that work on the Alabama Point Park (aka Seawall Park) facility is underway- and is currently in the engineering and design stage. Once that is complete, then they will be taking bids on the work that is to be performed.

Some might say this is long over due- and don't understand why repairs of the damage that was caused by Hurricane Sally in 2020, over a year ago, have not been completed already. The seawall that protects the west side of Perdido Pass has constantly been under siege by the forces of nature and the destructive power of the gulf waters by even small storms ever since its original construction. When the city of Orange Beach, in a cooperative effort with the state, proposed and built the new park facility a couple of years ago- it was understood that some more extensive work would have to be done eventually to repair the wall on a more permanent level.

When hurricane Sally hit, it took out lighting and utilities, irrigation, a lot of soil and sand as well as landscape- some of the boardwalk itself, and further undermined the existing wall foundation close to the bridge.

The new construction, once started, will take place in 3 phases. Once completed, the wall should be strengthened, repairs to the existing boardwalk will have been completed, and the boardwalk on north end of the park/ wall will be extended to the Marine Police property.
In the meantime, a few hundred feet of the existing boardwalk on the south side of the park, next to "The Gulf" restaurant- and a couple hundred feet on the north side of the bridge are and have been open. But we know a lot of anglers and sightseers that will be happy when construction is finished and the entire park is open.