Weekend Outlook

November 26-28, 2021

Friday, Nov 26, 2021, Cloudy Skies early with a 35% chance of rain before 6:00AM. Then Partly Cloudy Skies, North winds 10 to 15 kts, seas 2-3 ft offshore, inshore a light chop. High temperature 62°.

Saturday, Nov 27, 2021, Partly Cloudy with Easterly winds around 5 to 15 kts. Offshore Seas 2 ft, inshore waters smooth. High temperature near near 62°, low 50°.

Sunday, Mostly Cloudy skies with a chance of rain early, about 3:00AM. North-Northwest winds 10-15 kts, and offshore seas 2ft. Sunday night, winds turn from the North Sunday night at about 15 kts, with possible gusts to 25 kts. Seas 2ft. The high temperature should be around 62°, and a low about 44°. The chance of rain is 25% for Sunday afternoon/ evening.

The frequency of cold fronts pushing through the area this week will create a challenge for anglers, but the cooling water temperatures could start pushing some trout towards the rivers and creeks. Although the offshore temperatures are still around 70°, the inshore temperatures are ranging from the mid to upper 60°s.

The beaches and gulf side piers have been a little quiet- just some whiting, maybe some bluefish and skipjack.

Near the outlets/ pass, some redfish and flounder (although flounder is out of season until Dec 1).

Inshore, black drum, redfish, flounder, and speckle trout can be found. I've seen some reports of sheepshead on the Florida panhandle, but so far, not much in Alabama- but there must be some here. I would also check the rocks, jetties and inshore reefs for sheepshead and gray snapper.

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Looks like the fishing forecast is showing "Poor" fishing Friday with only a slight improvement Saturday and Sunday. If I were going out this week, I would likely try the early morning bite for the trout and redfish. Then maybe hit some inshore rocks and reefs anywhere between 9AM to 3PM- but you be the best judge depending on which day and the weather/ tides.

Remember that flounder is closed for the month of November! Other closures include- Lane Snapper until the first of the year, as well as Greater AmberJack and Gray Triggerfish which will reopen next spring, 2022.

Remember Be sure your Alabama Fishing License is up to date! You can purchase online at www.OutdoorAlabama.com. And Have a Great Weekend!