the Alabama Intercoastal Waterway Boat Launch

November 17, 2021

Going back to May 2018, we first heard of the Baldwin County Commission's interest in a piece of 44.5 acre property off of Brown Ln, just off of Cotton Creek Dr in Orange Beach, AL, for the purpose of building the largest boat launch facility in south Alabama. The original proposed development was to include 14 boat ramps and parking for 450 vehicles with trailers. This would definitely have taken pressure off of the existing boat launch facilities in south Baldwin County during the summer months. The $10.5 million project would also include kayak launches and picnic facilities, with future plans for hiking/ bike trails and other park improvements.

Later in 2020, the Baldwin County Commission acquired the property and proceeded with approved revised plans for the launch facility thanks to state GOMESA funding.

Below is a recent rendering of the facility- once finished boasts 450 spaces for parking vehicles with trailers, and 6 staging lanes and boat launch ramps.

As far as the construction goes, its pretty remarkable at the progress being made- taking into account that just a few months ago this was pretty much an undeveloped area. An as of now, the proposed May 2022 deadline is a probable goal. If so, this could be a new boaters "hot spot" for launching and retrieving vessels- especially with the massive parking area promised.

Even with the massive parking at this new facility, I will continue to warn everyone of congested conditions at the other boat launches, like Boggy Point and Cotton Bayou, on the summer holidays and snapper season due to boaters looking for quick access to the gulf. But if you are not in a big hurry to hit open water, I will recommend you take advantage of the new ICW Boat Launch when it opens- and we will let you know when that will be as we get closer to the 2022 summer season.